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Asphalt Driveway Repair


Dallas Paving Pros don’t just build asphalt driveways, we’ll repair your existing asphalt driveway as well. If your asphalt driveway has potholes, cracks, or a bumpy and irregular surface, give us a call. 

We’ll provide a free site assessment and present you with a cost-effective repair strategy. 


Repairing Cracks in Asphalt

The most important thing to understand about cracks in your asphalt driveway is that small cracks soon become wide fissures, which in turn can rapidly become potholes. 

The sooner you have us deal with these cracks in your asphalt driveway, the less cost you’ll be looking at!

When we rejuvenate the cracks in your asphalt paving, we don’t just provide a surface fix. We’ll figure out what’s happening underneath and address that first. The result for you will be a great finish which won’t rapidly deteriorate. 


Finishing and Edging

Sure, the main surface of your asphalt driveway might look great. But unless the edging and finishing is taken care of, crumbling can set in very rapidly. 

Dallas Paving Pros won’t just lay down a great driveway surface for you. We’ll make sure every edge is professionally finished. This will drastically improve your driveway’s curb appeal, but more importantly it’ll be resistant to edge crumbling and cracks forming from the perimeter. 



Potholes are a bigger job to fix. Just like a visit to the dentist, once you’re looking at cavities, it’s important to deal with the cause of the decay before filling it in. 

We’ll make sure the cause of driveway potholes are addressed before filling it in and sealing the hole. 

We’ll also make sure the sealed area blends in as much as possible with the rest of your driveway!


Residential and Commercial Inquiries are Welcome

We’re equipped to handle jobs of any size. Whether you’re looking for a small driveway leading to your front home or a complete driveway solution for a commercial property, we have the team and equipment to get it done. 

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