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Asphalt Driveway Installation


Asphalt is tough stuff. But so is our weather! The harsh Texas climate has a knack of degrading even the toughest materials over time. 

Dallas Paving Pros have the expertise and equipment to install asphalt paving to withstand everything Texas can throw at it. 

The result for you is a great-looking asphalt driveway which is cost-effective, low-maintenance and safe for you and your family in all weather. 

Here’s how Dallas Paving Pros can deliver a superior asphalt driveway at a competitive price. 


We Use the Best Materials

Asphalt is only as tough as the materials its made from. While a brand new paving job might look great, if the materials underneath it or the chemical composition of the asphalt aren’t up to snuff, it’ll corrode from the inside out. 

We make sure this won’t happen, by using the right materials in the right way. 


We Get The Job Done Fast

Here’s what generally happens if you get your driveway paved by a general contractor. They ask around and find a few people to do the job. They arrive without the right equipment and figure out an approach on the fly. You end up waiting. Then once the job is done, you’ll wait a lot more while the asphalt slowly cures. 

Dallas Paving Pros have a team ready to go. We’ll arrive at the site prepared. We’ll have a big team of specialists rearing to go. We’ll use construction methods which mean the asphalt cures fast. You’ll be using your driveway within hours instead of days. 


So Why Hire Us? 

The bottom line is, you’re hiring a team who know what they’re doing and are equipped to deliver the best value for your money. 

If you’d like to talk through your driveway paving project, give us a call or drop us a line using the contact form. Business and residential inquiries are equally welcome. 

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